??? + Rahul S. Shinde

b. 1994
Phila., PA.

As of March 2021:
I've stopped updating this site while i'm developing a new setup for archiving my work, eventually this domain will forward to r-s-s.net but for the time being that site has some more recent work/thoughts/notes about things i've cooked/watched/read.

Contact: rsubhashshinde at gmail dot com

Energy Transfer:
[ X ] technology + education w/ Lukas
[ X ] writing + distribution w/ Bailey
[ X ] lifestyle + form w/ Caroline
[ X ] internet radio via sunday brunch

[ X ] GrayBits
[ ] Parsons CDBFA
[ ] Parsons MPS
[ ] Independent Contracting
(s/o to Brana, Mỹ Linh and Joel for my first paid work out of school.)

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